Hungary’s only currently operating diatomite mine with reserve significant even in European scale can be found in Erdőbénye situated in the territory of Tokaj Hill, concession right of which is possessed by EDIAFILT Diatomite Mining and Processing Co.

EDIAFILT as a mining enterprise was founded on October 1st 1990. Its founding members were National Ore- and Mineral Mines, MINERALIMPEX, private individuals and employees of plants on Erdőbénye. ONP Holdings SE (Societas Europeae) as financial investor has recently acquired majority ownership in Ediafilt Ltd.

The management and the employees possess 25 years of experience in mining and processing non-ore-type minerals in Erdőbénye and the region of Tokaj Hill especially in the field of diatomite. The five-acre industrial site is located in a beautiful natural environment within a mining plot situated over 4-5 million tons of examined diatomite reserve.

Production program of the company contains the full scale of production, distribution covering every possible method started from the mine-raw diatomite, through grinded and granuled materials, to the filtering diatomite for food industry (breweries, wine production) with high level of preparation.

Also very significant in relation to the future of the company is the other available minaral: the pumice. The aim of the processing of this type of mineral is to produce insulating perlites for construction industry, and through perlite-mortar to produce and distribute filtering materials for chemical and food industries.

The Company beside the development of production and products, concluding investments to new facilities and extension of the industrial site plans to organise environmental protection and mineral collecting camps, as well as, mine visits and setting up educational pathways and on-site mineral exhibitions, operating turist cottage and to present the region's history, folklore, wine, cultural values and traditions.

The Company is open to every initiative and reasonable co-operation serving both technical and human development and the utilization of the mineral exploration opportunities.

The company has ISO9001 quality certification. In acquiring this the European Union and the Government of Hungary gave support of 940.625 Ft through the GOP-2.2.2 -2007 program. Managing Authority: National Development Agency, NHDP Infoline: 06 40638638, info@meh.hu, www.nfu.hu. The Economic Development Operational Program’s (GOP) organising partner is MAG - Hungarian Economy Development Center, further information on the site www.magzrt.hu.
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